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Information from the UK government on passport requirements for UK nationals travelling to EU countries....... 
If you are travelling to an EU country (except Ireland), or Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino or Vatican City, you must follow the Schengen area passport requirements. 
Your passport must be: 
issued less than 10 years before the date you enter the country (check the ‘date of issue’) 
valid for at least 3 months after the day you plan to leave (check the ‘expiry date’) 
Check your passport meets these requirements before you travel. If your passport was issued before 1 October 2018, extra months may have been added to its expiry date. 
Many other countries require 6 months, please check the up-to-date Entry and Passport rules on the Foreign Office travel website for your destination 
Information for UK nationals on the visa requirements for other countries. 
General health advice when travelling abroad. For specific advice pertaining to you it's always best to speak to your Doctor and/or own medical practice. 
Overseas travel advice from the FCO for UK nationals. 
UK's largest travel association, representing travel agents and tour operators. 
UK's financial protection scheme and protects you when you book a holiday with a UK ATOL holder. 
Our sister shop's web-site. 
Information regarding travelling abroad following the UK's departure from the EU...... 
You can travel to more than one country in a 180-day period. How long you can stay in each country depends on whether or not it’s in the Schengen area. 
The countries in the Schengen area are: 
Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. 
Your total stay in the Schengen area must be no more than 90 days in every 180 days. It does not matter how many countries you visit. The 180-day period keeps ‘rolling’. 
To work out if your stay is within the 90 day limit, use the following steps. 
Check the date you plan to leave the Schengen area on your next trip. 
Count back 180 days from that date to get the start of the 180-day period. 
Add up the number of days you have already spent in the Schengen area in that 180-day period (you can use the dates stamped in your passport showing when you entered and left a country). 
Work out how many days you will spend in the Schengen area on your next trip. Add this number to the number of days you worked out in step 3. 
Check that the total number of days is not more than 90. 
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